Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation 

Soccer focused mine-risk education program for refugee children in Iraq - Spirit of Soccer

Girls staying in school in rural Nepal - Little Sisters Fund


Children protected from trafficking in Cambodia - Hagar

​​​Children working in underwater gold mining in the Philippines - Human Rights Watch

Above are a few photographs of the work we support; there are additonal photographs on the 'About Us' page;  please see the 'Grants Made' page for full listings and also links to grantee organizations' websites


Children in a special education class in Almaty Khazakstan - AVSI 

Child able to sit at a table due to an adaptive device - Adaptive Design Association 

Reaching the World's Most Vulnerable Children 

The Mission of the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation is to support nonprofit organizations that seek to ensure basic needs and human rights including sustenance, education, healthcare and security to the most vulnerable children throughout the world.  The Foundation's current grants programs focus on disabled, trafficked and refugee children.