Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation is to support nonprofit organizations that seek to ensure basic needs and human rights including sustenance, education, healthcare and security to the most vulnerable children throughout the developing world and the United States.

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The Ross Foundation follows a two-step application process:  a Letter of Inquiry and then a full proposal.  Because of the time it takes for an applicant to prepare complete proposals, applicants are asked to only send a full proposal when requested by the Foundation. 

To begin the process of seeking support from the Foundation, we ask that you first thoroughly review the two documents below.   The Funding Program Area Descriptions describes the substantive areas on which we are focusing our limited resources.   The Application Guidelines describes in detail the attributes of organizations that we typically fund; our current grants program; and important eligibility and additional information that drive out funding decisions.

* Please note that the Ross Foundation ONLY funds US 501(c)(3) organizations and ONLY funds organizations that work in the developing world *

If, after reviewing these documents, you feel there is alignment between our work and your organization’s mission and project, you may complete the on-line Letter of Inquiry located on thehow to applytab on this website.   The Foundation will review all Letters of Inquiry within 90 days.  If you are asked to then submit a full proposal, we will forward our on-line proposal template for you to complete. “

Letters of Inquiry and proposals are accepted throughout the calendar year.


1.       Funding Program Area Descriptions

2.       Application Guidelines





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