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                                                                             2021 Grants



1.  Global Fund for Children:   $125,000

            To support and develop the capacity of 4 locally led, community-based organizations focused on disabled children and 4 organizations focused on trafficked and exploited children:

            Children with Disabilities:

            Hand in Hand | Bishkek , Kyrgyzstan

            Hand in Hand is the first and only organization in Kyrgyzstan that is devoted entirely to assisting children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Since its registration, Hand by Hand has become a leader in developing care, diagnosis, and advocacy for children with ASD in Kyrgyzstan.

            Sama Foundation | Bangalore, India

            Sama promotes inclusive education for disabled children in Bangalore and has developed India’s first disabled-focused psychosocial care curriculum that they are introducing into Bangalore’s schools.

            Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) | Pak Song, Thailand

            TCDF works with local school and healthcare providers to create improved models of care for special needs children in rural Thailand and foster inclusion to lessen the isolation, stigma and shame that these children and their families often encounter in traditional rural society. 

            Zy Movement | Bangkok, Thailand

            Zy Movement’s mission is to ensure that children with movement disabilities grow up in an inclusive, nurturing environment; through a range of education, recreational, sports and vocational programs Zy helps children and parents create a future of autonomy and independent living.

Child Trafficking:

            Suprava Panchashila Mahila Uddyog Samity (SPMUS) | West Bengal, India

            SPMUS works to eliminate child trafficking and child marriage in West Bengal.  Using a holistic program model, SPMUS staff – most of whom have been victims themselves – rescue and support girls and women subjected to trafficking, domestic abuse and abandonment and work closely with government and police leaders to ensure enforcement of relevant laws.

            National Federation of Female Communities of Kyrgyzstan (NFFCK) | Novopavlovka Village, Sokuluk District, Kyrgyzstan

            NFFCK is a youth-led organization with a mission to empower rural girls to become agents of change in their communities in Kyrgyzstan. NFFCK promotes and protects girls' rights, improves recognition and respect for girls, and addresses child and forced marriages and violence against girls.  Its programs include leadership training and sexual and reproductive health education that promotes the prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, drug abuse, and smoking.

            Jointly Act Girls (JAG) | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

            JAG is a youth-led organizations established in 2016 to promote the rights of rural girls in Kyrgyzstan. JAG and works to prevent and educate girls and their families about all forms of violence and harmful practices against girls, especially bride kidnapping and child marriages.

            Khiang Rim Khong (KRK) | Northern Thailand

            KRK is based in northern Thailand and works in close collaboration with other non-profits and local government agencies to provide important sexual and reproductive health information and rehabilitation to at-risk youth and survivors of sexual exploitation. KRK is a small organization that was ‘incubated’ by a former GFC partner. KRK works through schools and independent outreach at festivals and markets to share much-needed information on reproductive health and rights.

2.  Restavek Freedom:  $30,000

            “Restavek Reproductive Empowerment Program” | Haiti

            UNICEF estimates that 250,000 Haitian children – some as young as 5 years – have been given up by their impoverished families to serve as indentured servants to ‘host family’ in a widely practiced, but largely secreted, system known as ‘Restavek’.   Restavek children are often exposed to overwork and abuse, inferior food and education; with little knowledge of sexual and reproductive functioning, and a degraded sense of self-worth, Restavek girls are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse in the host home and larger community.  This grant will allow Restavek Freedom to deliver a reproductive health and empowerment curriculum to 850 Restavek children based on the innovative LETS (Lunar Essential Tracker System) program, and imbed the LETS curriculum in all of its future work with Restavek youth.

3.  CARE:  $50,000

            “Laptops and Digital Curriculum for Middle School Girls in Afghanistan” | Khost Province, Afghanistan     

            The grant will allow CARE to strengthen its Lower Secondary Community Based Education Program (LSCBE) for girls in Afghanistan’s Khost province.  This community-supported home school program has provided middle-school level education for nearly 10,000 girls since 2006, and CARE will use the grant funds at its discretion to support the evolving needs of girl’s education in Afghanistan at this time.  

4.  Fund for Global Human Rights:  $40,000

            “Supporting Education for Karen Refugee Children with Disabilities in Myanmar and Thailand” | Karen State, Myanmar and Refugee Camps, Western Thailand

            The grant will allow Fund for Global Human Rights, and its Myanmar-based partner the Karen Women’s Organization, to provide services for children with disabilities, their families, communities and teachers in the current period of unrest in the region.  Working within refugee camps and also with IDP populations, the project will provide inclusive education, therapy and health care services for children; community education on disability and inclusion; and specialized training to therapists and teachers. 

5.  Polus Center:  $50,000

            “Wings of Peace II:  Mosul” | Mosul, Iraq

            The grant will enable Polus Center to establish the Wings of Peace expressive arts therapy program in Mosul, Iraq.  Initially funded by the Ross Foundation, the program was created to treat traumatized and war wounded Syrian refugee children in Jordan.  This expansion of  Wings of Peace will provide intensive trauma treatment for children in Mosul , Iraq, who have been exposed to years of devastating violence, including the brutalizing ISIS occupation.  Working with local Iraqi partners, Polus will 1) hire initial staff to create the program and formulate a sustainably plan; 2) train 32 local therapists and clinicians in a range of child trauma, PTSD and arts therapy processes; 3) provide direct counseling to 600-700 children; and 4) disseminate the Wings of Peace trauma treatment model throughout the region.

Two Year Grant ($50,000 in year 1; $45,000 in year 2) 

6.  Save the Children:  $42,250

            “Education and Protection for Children with Disabilities in the Dadaab Refugee Camps” | Dadaab, Kenya

             This grant will enable Save the Children to expand education and protection services for children with disabilities in the Dadaab refugee camp, one of the world’s largest and isolated camps.   Grant activities include expanding access to education for children with disabilities, providing them with assistive learning devices and making renovations to school structures to ensure accessibility; training camp officials and teachers on child safeguarding; providing emergency support items to newly arriving families; and holding camp-wide programs focusing on stigma reduction and inclusiveness.

7.  Choose Love/Help Refugees:  $50,000

            “‘Assisting Unaccompanied Children and Families with Children on the US Mexico Border” | US/Mexico Border, Mexico and United States  

            The grant will enable Choose Love/Help Refugees to fund 5 small, community-based, refugee serving organizations that provide aid to unaccompanied minors and impoverished families in the midst of the humanitarian crisis at the US/Mexico border.  Choose Love/Help Refugees - a refugee-focused intermediary organization and prior Ross grantee - has vetted dozens of organizations that is deems reputable and doing vital work on the US Mexico border, including the provision of food, clothing, shelter and legal assistance for these children, teens and families on both side of the border and offering protection from gangs and traffickers who prey upon them. 

8.  ACEDO:  $50,000

            “Enriching Education and Reconnecting Roma Children in Rural Romania” | Curcani and Soldanu, Romania

            With this grant, ACEDO - a Romanian NGO, formed and led by leaders in the Roma community – will provide remedial educational programs to several hundred Roma children and basic literacy instruction for the children’s mothers and caregivers.  Working in two impoverished Roma villages, ACEDO will also provide enrichment activities, such as theater clubs, sports teams and rebuilt playgrounds, that will benefit the broader school and local community.

9.  ANERA:  $30,000

            “Gaza Back to School Project:  Helping Gaza Preschoolers Return to Kindergarten” | Gaza Strip, Palestine

            In the aftermath of the dual traumas of the May 2021 war with Israel and ongoing COVID dislocations, this grant will allow ANERA to ensure that 10 Gaza kindergartens are re-stocked and ready to open in September and also that teachers are trained to deliver expressive arts therapeutic programs to the children.  In addition to ensuring school re-openings and providing 50 teachers with intensive week-long training, 1,000 kindergarteners will also be given ‘Lets Read’ book bags that contains story books, drawing and coloring books and art materials that they can share with siblings.

10.  WEEMA:  $39,208

            “Expanding Inclusive Education in Rural Ethiopia” | Tembaro District, Southwest Ethiopia

            The grant will enable WEEMA to expand the successful pilot inclusive education program it developed in partnership with local and national educational ministries, from 1 school to 4.  The program is the first of its kind in Ethiopia, and the expansion will include building improvements to make the 3 new schools accessible to students with disabilities; training 300 teachers and directors; working with parents of students to ensure success; providing students needed mobility and assistive devices; and conducting community outreach work to lessen stigma and discrimination.

11.  Halo Trust:  $40,000

            “Keeping Children Safe in Mosul Old City” | Mosul, Iraq

            The grant will allow Halo Trust ensure the safety of children, teens and their families returning to mine- and unexploded ordinance ridden Mosul, Iraq.  Recognizing that it will take years to completely de-mine Mosul, Halo’s program will train 167 teachers in 28 schools in Old City Mosul to become mine and explosive ordinance risk educators and reach nearly 10,000 children within the first year with life-saving information on spotting and avoiding mines and ordinance.  The grant will also help fund the building of a safe and fun park in the heart of Mosul’s Old City and adding enhancements (wifi and gym equipment) to attract children and teens to gather and play in the park rather than in neighboring abandoned buildings.

12.  Kupona Foundation / CCBRT:  $45,000

            “Wheelchairs for Kids in Tanzania” | Moshi, Tanzania

            The grant will enable CCBRT – the leading disability care and rehabilitation facility in Tanzania – to provide 166 children in the Moshi region with sturdy, advanced wheelchairs.   CCBRT will ensure that these children, selected because they have severe postural or spinal cord issues, receive properly fit chairs and also customized accessories such as trays, posturing pads, blankets and toys; and that the chairs are continually re-fit and maintained by trained technicians to meet the needs of growing children. 

13.  American Friends for the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem: $45,000

            “Creating Access to Audiology Services for Palestinian Children at Princess Basma Center” | East Jerusalem and West Bank, Palestine

            The grant will allow the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center, East Jerusalem’s leading children’s disability rehabilitation center and school, to create the first comprehensive diagnostic and treatment Audiology Unit in East Jerusalem for Palestinian children from East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

14.  Momentum Wheels for Humanity:  $40,150

            “Expanding Children’s Lives with Mobility in the Republic of Georgia” | Republic of Georgia

            The grant will allow Momentum to work with local partner MAC Georgia, to provide high quality child wheelchairs and at the same time highlight and educate leaders and officials about the value and need for these chairs.  Specifically, the grant will:   1) import and distribute a mix of 70 wheelchairs appropriate for children with a range of mobility impairments (chairs supplied by joint USAID/Momentum program); 2) educate the children’s caregivers on wheelchair use and maintenance and also how to advocate on behalf of their children’s needs and the needs of all children requiring wheelchairs; and 3) educate the public and 4) raise awareness about the importance of appropriate wheelchairs and, in time, expand official support and funding for child wheelchairs.

15.  Kenya Drylands Education Fund:  $13,277

            “Leveraging Technology to Improve Enrollment/Retention of Learners” | Marsabit and Samburu Counties, Kenya

            This grant will enable KDEF to complete the implementation of a Salesforce technology-based platform to collect, share and analyze data on its youth education and mentorship programs in the drylands of Kenya; to develop and implement rapid program modifications when needed and to report on its program outcomes to donors, other NGOs and local government officials. 

16.  Children of Vietnam:  $47,762

            “Hope System of Care – Expansion” | Da Nang Province, Vietnam

            The grant will support the establishment of a new two-year cohort of 100 children with disabilities that will be served under Children of Vietnam’s Hope System of Care.   The program trains case managers to coordinate the services provided by various local and district level medical, education and social service agencies, to ensure delivery of the highest level of care and also works to educate and empower parents to play an active role in caring for, and advocating on behalf of, their children.

Two Year Grant ($47,762 in year 1; $20,112 in year 2) 

17.  Project H.O.P.E – Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa: $38,750

            “The Borgne Initiative for Vulnerable Children” | Borgne, Haiti

            The grant will enable Project H.O.P.E. leverage its 30-year experience in health, education, and development programs to implement a focused and integrated model of disease prevention, mental and behavioral support and basic literacy and numerary for 1,000 marginalized and extremely vulnerable children in Haiti’s northern Borgne region.  The project has been developed in partnership with local community members and leaders, who have identified the vulnerability of this population of orphaned or abandoned 13 to 17 year-olds to disease, trafficking and gang violence, as the community’s greatest concern.

18.  Medical Aid for Palestinians:  $40,450

            “Preventing Blindness in High-Risk Newborns in Gaza” | Gaza Strip, Palestine

            The grant will allow Medical Aid for Palestinians to assist neo-natal hospital units in Gaza identify and treat all cases of Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP), a condition which, if untreated, can lead to blindness in premature babies.  Treatment of RoP is part of the basic standard of neonatal care throughout much of the world, but currently there is no RoP treatment available in Gaza, one of the few areas on earth where the rate of premature births is increasing.  The grant activities that will take Gaza from no RoP service to full, sustainable, RoP service include:  1) conducting screening each of the estimated annual 200 at risk newborns in Gaza;  2) training for 240 doctors and nurses who work within the six NICUs in Gaza and creation of information and awareness material; 3) advanced training for 20 ophthalmologists throughout Gaza; 4) selection of a senior Gaza ophthalmologist to undergo a six month training fellowship in Egypt, who would become the lead specialist in the area; 5) purchase of two pieces of needed and essential equipment used in detection; and 6) purchase of essential medicine used in RoP treatment.

19.  Spoon:  $55,000

            “Transforming Feeding and Nutrition for Children with Disabilities in Croatia” | Zagreb, Croatia

            The grant will allow Spoon, which works to eliminate preventable malnutrition by training the caregivers of children with disabilities in safe feeding techniques and nutrition, to work with Ross grantee Perkins International to expands its training and community outreach work in Croatia.    This partnership will leverage Perkins’ deep experience working with children with multiple disabilities and their caregivers in Croatia, and Spoon’s substantial knowledge of nutrition and feeding , to operate a pilot program in Croatia, specifically to:  1) develop the capacity of 100 therapists and caregivers to be trained in nutrition and feeding techniques; 2) directly improve the care and nutrition of 800 children in the first year; 3) build on-ground capacity through training five advanced training facilitators who will remain in country to provide follow-up support, mentoring and monitoring; and 4) achieve measurable  improvement in the multiple disabilities of at least 500 of the children.  

Grants by Program Category:


            Global Fund for Children                                          $62,500

            Save the Children                                                             42,240

            WEEMA                                                                                 39,208

            Halo Trust                                                                             40,000

            Kupona Foundation /CCBRT                                     45,000

            American Friends of Jerusalem Episcopal

                   Diocese/Princess Basma Center                      45,000

            Momentum Wheels for Humanity                         40,150

            Children of Vietnam                                                       47,762

            Medical Aid for Palestinians                                      40,450

            Spoon                                                                                       55,000       

                                                                                                          $ 412,310

Trafficked and Exploited:

            Global Fund for Children                                          $62,500      

            Restavek Freedom                                                           30,000

            CARE                                                                                        50,000

            ACEDO                                                                                   50,000

            Kenya Drylands Education Fund                             13,277

            Haiti Outreach Pwoje Espwa (H.O.P.E.)               38,750



            Polus Center                                                                     $50,000

            Choose Love                                                                        50,000

            ANERA                                                                                    30,000

            Fund for Global Human Rights                                 40,000


Total Grants Made in 2021:                                 $826,837

Tot Commitments Made in 2021:                    $891,949