Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation 

                                                          Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation
                                                                                2017 Grants

1.  Global Fund for Children:   $125,000

            To support and develop the capacity of 4 locally led, community based organizations focused on disabled children and 4 organizations focused on trafficked and exploited children:
            Children with Disabilities:

            Asociación de Sordociegos de Nicaragua (ASCN) | Managua, Nicaragua

            ASCN provides services to Nicaragua’s deafblind population and promotes their rights and inclusion in both urban and remote rural locations.

            Divya Down’s Development Trust (DDDT) | Bengaluru, India

            DDDT provides holistic support to individuals with Down syndrome through special education, therapy, and essential skills development—with the ultimate goal of preparing children to enroll in formal school or enter the workforce in order to lead a life of dignity and respect.

            Iroda | Dushanbe, Tajikistan Iroda

            Iroda, the first organization in Tajikistan working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), provides access to quality services that address the unique needs of children and youth with ASD, trains professionals and parents, facilitates a parent support group, and helps children with ASD become enrolled in formal school.

            Young Disabled Sports Club (YDSC) | Adana, Turkey

            YDSC provides educational and sports programs for children with disabilities, with a special focus on integrating disabled and nondisabled children in all its activities.

           Child Trafficking:      

            Baan Nana | Mae Sai, Thailand

            Baan Nana provides shelter, education, nutrition and support to reduce the number of children living and working on the streets of Mae Sai, a crossing point and trafficking location on the border between Thailand and Burma.

            Roshni Research Development Welfare Organization | Karachi, Pakistan

            Roshni is a unique program in Pakistan that focuses on recovering missing children within 48 hours of their disappearance, facilitates their rehabilitation and builds the capacity of communities and law enforcement to better protect children.

            Yayasan Mitra ImaDei | Jakarta, Indonesia

            ImaDei’s child domestic worker program provides education, vocational and life skills training to girls who are domestic workers, vulnerable to abuse and unprotected by labor regulations, increasing their ability to leave domestic work and expanding their future opportunities. 

            Our Voice | Bishek, Kyrgyzstan

            Our Voice focuses on transitioning teenage orphanage residents, often without any support, safety net or life skills, and at high risk of substance abuse, prostitution and trafficking, to successful independent living.  Services include psychological, legal aid, job placement and securing housing and vocational education.

2.  Adaptive Design Association:   $20,600(final year of $77,000 3 year project)

            “Establishment of an Adaptive Design Center in Lima Peru” | Lima, Peru              To establish an Adaptive Design Center in Lima, Peru that will train designers and fabricators to create simple, practical and low-cost devices that greatly improve the lives of disabled children, and replicate the center in other cities in Peru and in neighboring countries.           

3.  North Country Mission of Hope:  $7,500

             “Feeding Program Warehouse Expansion” | Chiquilistagua, Nicaragua               To support the construction of an addition to a warehouse enabling long-term grantee North Country’s to expand its child feeding program in Chiquilistagua, Nicaragua.  The enlarged, secure and rodent-proof warehouse will have the capacity to store a large shipping container containing 299,000 meals.

4.  ChildFund Alliance:  $38,827

            “Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Northern Sri Lanka” | Mullaitivu District, Northern Sri Lanka

            To provide that 461 disabled children will receive medical screenings, diagnosis and treatment referrals; 30 parents of disabled children will be trained in care and will reach out to an additional 600 parents to create shelf-help groups and a care network; and a rural medical clinic will be equipped as a physiotherapy center.

5.  Firelight Foundation:  $49,965

            “Community Based Interventions in the Fight Against Child Marriage in Tanzania” | Shinyanga, Tanzania

            To support three specific components of a larger effort in Shinyanga region of Tanzania, including: mediating family reconciliation between girls rescued from early marriage and their families; supporting prevention activities including skillful parenting programs; and additional training for local child welfare and enforcement workers.

6.  Christina Noble Children’s Foundation:  $25,000

            “Tay Ninh Computer Lab for Visually Impaired Children” | Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam

            To support the build-out and modernization of the computer center at CNCF’s school in Tay NInh Vietnam and the development of a customized computer curriculum for visually impaired children and sharing that curriculum with other programs for visually impaired children.

7OneSky:  $50,000

            “OneSky Model for Children in Orphanges – Loving Families and Youth Mentor Program | Several Regions in China

             The grant will allow OneSky to strengthen and expand its Loving Family Program and Youth mentoring program in 28 institutions in 21 provinces of China.  The Foundation is a strong supporter of alternatives to institutionalization, but occasionally supports programs that improve the lives and development of the predominantly disabled children currently housed in government orphanages.


8.  Cooperative for Education (CoEd):  $34,925

            “Youth Scholarships in Guatemala – 1,000 Girls Program Expansion’ | Chimaltenango region, Guatemala  

            The grant will support the expansion of CoEd’s school scholarship and youth development program for 127 additional students in nine schools in the Chimaltenango region.

9.  Freedom Fund:  $50,000

            “Southern India Hotspot – Girls in Bonded Labor in Textile Mills’| Tamil Nadu, India

            To support Freedom Fund’s Southern India Hotspot initiative, which is a significant effort to reduce the number of young women and girls – typically from lower caste families - who are trapped as bonded laborers in the textile mills of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.  The grant will fund the coordinated work of 13 NGOs in Tamil Nadu in three main program areas: prevention; improvement of working conditions; and enforcement of existing labor protections and formation of peer groups. 

10.  Trickle Up:  $30,000

            “Inclusive Ixcan – Empowering Adolescent Girls through Economic Strengthening Programs’ | Ixcan Province, Guatemala

            To expand Trickle Up’s core economic strengthening model to 175 adolescent and indigenous girls vulnerable to pregnancy, early marriage, malnutrition, being trafficked, and marginal social status in Ixcan Guatemala.  The program will be tailored to the needs of adolescents, and provide training, mentoring, support and modest funding to build income generating activities; it will help the girls to form savings groups which will create additional opportunities for financial empowerment and it will teach the girls about sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

11.  MAP / FUBE:  $30,000

            “Comprehensive Management and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in Bolivia’ | Cochabama, Bolivia

             To support FUBE’s efforts in two major areas: 1) provision of a complete array of services for 25 additional children, with a focus on protection and legal work; 2) expansion of outreach, training and education about sexual abuse and trafficking of children to professionals in ‘allied’ fields, including education, social work, psychology and government and also the public.

12.  Go Campaign / CHS Alternativo:  $44,000

            “Mobilizing Communities Against Child Trafficking” | Iquitos, Peru’

            Go Campaign will assist CHS Alternativo implement an expanded  anti child-trafficking program in Iquitos, including training 30 teachers to teach students about the risks and prevention of trafficking; provide specialized training to 60 student leaders; work with community, political, civic, and union leaders and port authorities to strengthen community response to child trafficking; and provide direct services to 40 children who are victims of trafficking.     

13.  Handicap International:  $50,000

            ‘Strengthening Early Detection and Early Intervention Services for Children with Disabilities in Zarqa Governorate, Jordan’ | East Amman, Jordan

            To implement HI’s Community Rehabilitation program in refugee settlements in East Amman; through recruiting, training and supervising 20 community members, 2,500 children will be screened for disabilities and developmental delays, with 100 referred for advanced treatment.  This is the first step of a two-year roll out that will ultimately reach 25,000 children. 

14.  Colombianitos:  $30,000

            “Empowering Girls Through Sports to Prevent Child Trafficking’ | Puerto Tejada, Columbia

            To enable Colombianitos to finalize and implement a soccer-based girl-empowerment curriculum and sports program, including training female staff to deliver the program to 445 girls; fine-tune the program after this initial roll out for further implementation in Columbianitos 10 other program sites throughout the country and share the program with other NGOSs.

15.  Plan International:  $50,000                

            “Supporting Adolescents to Develop Skills for Life’ | East Ammon and Azraq Refugee Camp, Jordan

            The grant will allow Plan to implement a custom designed life skills program for Syrian refugee adolescents; including training 20 community-member facilitators who will present the 6 part curriculum to 200 children in 30 sessions; and to fine tune the program for broader roll out and implementation throughout Jordan and other countries in subsequent years. 

16.  Nomi Network:  $39,817

            “Empowering Adolescent Girls to Reduce Early Marriage and Trafficking” | Odisha, India.

            The program will implement Nomi’s expanded and formalized vocational, life skills and legal program to benefit 450 adolescent girls in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.  The two-year program will include extensive empowerment and life skills trainings and classes, including legal and rights training sessions, which are a prerequisite to entrance to formalized vocational training in several fields chosen to meet local market opportunities

Two year grant ($19,910 in year 1; $19,907 in year two:  total of $39,817)


Grants by Program Category:


            Global Fund for Children                                      $62,500

            Adaptive Design Association                                20,600

            Christina Noble Children’s Foundation           25,000

            OneSky                                                                                50,000

            ChildFund Alliance                                                        38,827


Trafficked and Exploited:

            Global Fund for Children                                       $62,500

            CoEd                                                                                     34,925

            Firelight Foundation                                                   49,965

            Freedom Fund                                                                50,000

            Trickle Up                                                                          30,000

            MAP/FUBE                                                                       30,000

            Go Campaign/CHS Alternativo                            44,000

            Nomi Network                                                                19,910

            Colombianitos                                                                30,000



            Handicap International                                          $50,000

            Plan International                                                         50,000



            North Country                                                               $7,500

Total Grants Made in 2017:                                         $655,727