Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation 

                                                           Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation
                                                                                  2016 Grants


1.  Global Fund for Children:   $150,000

            To support and develop the capacity of 5 locally led, community based organizations focused on disabled children and 5 organizations focused on trafficked and exploited children:

           Children with Disabilities:

            Asociación de Sordociegos de Nicaragua (ASCN) | Managua, Nicaragua

            ASCN provides services to Nicaragua’s deafblind population and promotes their rights and inclusion in both urban and remote rural locations.

            Baoji QingQingCao Rehabilitation and Education Center for  Handicapped Children (QQC)| Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China

            QQC is the only organization in Shaanxi Province working to improve the lives of intellectually and physically disabled children through education, physical therapy, psychosocial interventions for parents, and community outreach and training programs. 

            Divya Down’s Development Trust (DDDT) | Bengaluru, India

            DDDT provides holistic support to individuals with Down syndrome through special education, therapy, and essential skills development—with the ultimate goal of preparing children to enroll in formal school or enter the workforce in order to lead a life of dignity and respect.

            Iroda | Dushanbe, Tajikistan Iroda

            Iroda, the first organization in Tajikistan working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), provides access to quality services that address the unique needs of children and youth with ASD, trains professionals and parents, facilitates a parent support group, and helps children with ASD become enrolled in formal school.

            Young Disabled Sports Club (YDSC) | Adana, Turkey

            YDSC provides educational and sports programs for children with disabilities, with a special focus on integrating disabled and nondisabled children in all its activities.

            Child Trafficking:

            Baan Nana | Mae Sai, Thailand

            Baan Nana provides shelter, education, nutrition and support to reduce the number of children living and working on the streets of Mae Sai, a crossing point and trafficking location on the border between Thailand and Burma.

            Roshni Research Development Welfare Organization | Karachi, Pakistan

            Roshni is a unique program in Pakistan that focuses on recovering missing children within 48 hours of their disappearance, facilitates their rehabilitation and builds the capacity of communities and law enforcement to better protect children.

            Yayasan Mitra ImaDei | Jakarta, Indonesia

            ImaDei’s child domestic worker program provides education, vocational and life skills training to girls who are domestic workers, vulnerable to abuse and unprotected by labor regulations, increasing their ability to leave domestic work and expanding their future opportunities. 

            Maison de la Gare  | St. Louis, Senegal

            Maison de la Gare cares for boys between the ages of 4 and 15 who are sent by their rural and poor families to urban Qur’an schools.  The boys, known as talibes, are then forced to deliver compensation to the schools and are often on the streets for 10 hours a day begging for food and money.   Subjected to conditions akin to slavery, Maison de la Gare provides the boys with food, healthcare and basic literacy and numeracy education.

            Our Voice | Bishek, Kyrgyzstan

            Our Voice focuses on transitioning teenage orphanage residents, often without any support, safety net or life skills, and at high risk of substance abuse, prostitution and trafficking, to successful independent living.  Services include psychological, legal aid, job placement and securing housing and vocational education.

2.  Human Rights Watch:   $30,000

            “Protecting Children from Hazardous Labor In Philippine Gold Mines” | Philippines

            To enable Human Rights Watch to leverage significant work done to highlight the dangers to children working in underwater gold mining and mercury processing; to deepen its work with the Philippine government and local NGOs to end hazardous mining and processing; to create awareness within the precious metal industry about supply chain issues of child exploitation; to strengthen local NGOs to advocate and educate communities and parents about the dangers of child mining and create educational opportunities for children.

3. CIYOTA:   $35,000 

            “Bridging Gaps Between Tribal Divides Among Conflict Affected Refugee Children” | Kyangwali Refugee Camp, Hoima District, Uganda

            Founded by refugee youth from a number of countries, tribes and religions, CIYOTA brings children from differing backgrounds to develop mutual respect and learn to work and study together to solve common problems; the grant will fund the expansion of a number of co-curricular programs in CIYOTA’s multi-cultural Kyangwali refugee camp school including debate competition, sports (football, netball, and volley ball for both boys and girls); traditional music and dance, and theater; marching band/parading; and gardening and conservation.

4.  Fund for Global Human Rights:  $40,000

            “Cross-Border Collaboration to Fight Child Trafficking in West Africa” | Mano River Basin - Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone  

            To allow the Fund for Global Human Rights to deepen the impact of local partners working to build capacity of border security officials and local organizations to prevent trafficking; to strengthen anti-trafficking and child protection laws at local, national and regional level; and to provide direct services to victims and initiate legal action against perpetrators.

5.  Adaptive Design Association:   $22,700 (year two of $77,000 3 year project)

            “Establishment of an Adaptive Design Center in Lima Peru” | Lima, Peru             

             To establish an Adaptive Design Center in Lima, Peru that will train designers and fabricators to create simple, practical and low-cost devices that greatly improve the lives of disabled children, and replicate the center in other cities in Peru and in neighboring countries.

6.  Little Sisters Fund:  $25,000

             “Nepal High Risk Area Expansion” | Banke, Dang, Parsa, Makwanpur, Sindhaualchowk Districts, Nepal                 

            To support the expansion of Little Sisters Fund program of school tuition and   supporting services for an additional 120 girls into 5 additional regions of  Nepal where girls are particularly susceptible to trafficking, exploitation and child marriage.  

7.  Blue Dragon:   $30,000

            “Protection, Prevention and Partnership: Anti-Trafficking in Hue Vietnam” | Hue, Vietnam

            To expand Blue Dragon’s prevention work in Hue through improving education and employment opportunities for children and youth in their local communities; to increase legal registration campaigns for families and children who not legally registered in the country (whose births, marriages, deaths and property are not legally recognized and lack government ID) and therefore particularly vulnerable to trafficking; and to enlist and train an additional 50 teachers and local officials to help early-identify children at risk of trafficking.

8.  Hagar:   $35,000

            “Community Foster Care in Cambodia” | Siem Reap and Sihanoukville Cambodia

            To enable Hagar to expand its successful foster care program developed specifically for Cambodia beyond urban Phnom Penh, doubling the number of children removed from trafficking and placed into safe, long term, nurturing and de-institutionalized care.                                                                   

9.  ANERA:   $35,000

            “English Language Literacy for Refugee Youth in Lebanon” | Refugee Camps and settlements in Lebanon

            To provide support, training and mentoring for English language teachers to increase the quality and effectiveness of education provided to 5,000 older refugee children and adolescents.  These youth have missed several years of schooling, and ANERA’s Non-Formal Education program delivers a ‘compressed’ or expedited curriculum focused on basic literacy and numeracy at a host of formal and informal camps and settlements in Lebanon. 

10.  AVSI (Association of Volunteers in International Service):   $25,000

            “Occupational Training for Adolescents with Disabilities in Almaty, Kazakhstan” | Almaty, Kazakhstan

            To allow AVSI and its local partner MASP to build on their previous success creating OT and PT programs for children in Almaty and create OT and vocational training programs for teens 14 to 18 years old; additional grant activities include inclusion awareness training for parents; developing support among leaders in the Almaty’s business, government, religions and educational communities for vocational training for disabled teens; and enlisting the support of a broader group of community leaders to inspire them to advocate on behalf of disabled teens.

11.  Children’s Agenda:   $40,000

            “Developing a Model of Community Care for Early Childhood” | Rochester, NY, USA

             The grant will allow Children’s agenda to work with government and private entities to leverage sustainable, long-term funding that fills in the gaps of young children’s unmet needs for critical supports (developmental, health, social-emotional, educational) in the greater Rochester area.

12.  Nepal Youth Foundation:   $35,000

            “Kinship Care for Earthquake Displaced Children” | Kathmandu Valley, Central Nepal

            To enable Nepal Youth Foundation to continue to make permanent the rapid expansion of its Kinship Care program in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake.  Kinship Care allows orphaned or abandoned children to stay in their home villages and be cared for by extended family members, protecting them from homelessness, begging or being trafficked and provides better outcomes for children than institutionalization.   

13.  Cross International:   $40,000

            “Restavek Prevention Literacy Program of South Haiti’ | Southern Haiti

            To allow Cross International to provide food and education for 350 ‘restavek’ children, who live as indentured servants, through a special accelerated curriculum that will provide a school certificate allowing them the option of further education when they are released as teens from the restavek system.  In addition, the grant will fund a newly developed community outreach and prevention program for parents of at-risk children alerting them to the dangers and reality of the Restavek system.

14.  Spirit Of Soccer:   $35,000

            “Soccer and Peace in Columbia” | el Meta and el Cauca, Columbia

            To enable Spirit of Soccer to create two Mine Risk Education teams in Columbia that will reach a total of 5,000 boys and girls over the next 12 months.  Much of Columbia is heavily polluted with land mines and unexploded ordinance after 50 years of civil conflict; the recent peace agreements have released a flood of families returning to rural areas that will not been cleared for years of the deadly mines and ordinance which pose a great danger to children.

Grants by Program Category:


            Global Fund for Children                                        $75,000

            Adaptive Design Association                                  22,700

            AVSI                                                                                       25,000


Trafficked and Exploited:

            Global Fund for Children                                       $75,000

            Little Sisters Fund                                                         25,000

            Human Rights Watch                                                  30,000

            Fund for Global Human Rights                              40,000

            Blue Dragon                                                                     30,000

            Hagar                                                                                   35,000

            Cross International                                                     40,000

            Nepal Youth Foundation                                          35,000



            ANERA                                                                             $35,000

            CIYOTA                                                                               35,000

            Spirit of Soccer                                                               35,000



            Children’s Agenda                                                     $40,000

Total Grants Made in 2016:                $577,700