Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation 

                                                       Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation
                                                                             2015 Grants


1.  Global Fund for Children:   $150,000

            To support and develop the capacity of 6 locally led, community based  organizations focused on disabled children and 6 organizations focused on trafficked and exploited children:        

            Children with Disabilities:

            Asociación de Sordociegos de Nicaragua (ASCN) | Managua, Nicaragua

            ASCN provides services to Nicaragua’s deafblind population and promotes their rights and inclusion in both urban and remote rural locations.

            Baoji QingQingCao Rehabilitation and Education Center for Handicapped Children (QQC)| Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China

            QQC is the only organization in Shaanxi Province working to improve the lives of intellectually and physically disabled children through education,   physical therapy, psychosocial interventions for parents, and community outreach and training programs.

            Concerned Children and Youth Association (CCYA) | Lira, Uganda

            A youth-led organization, CCYA contributes to the rebuilding of war-torn  northern Uganda through integrated education, environmental, and health programs that primarily serve children and youth who were disabled,  orphaned or made vulnerable by the country’s civil war.

            Divya Down’s Development Trust (DDDT) | Bengaluru, India

            DDDT provides holistic support to individuals with Down syndrome through  special education, therapy, and essential skills development—with the  ultimate goal of preparing children to enroll in formal school or enter the  workforce in order to lead a life of dignity and respect.

            Iroda | Dushanbe, Tajikistan Iroda

            Iroda, the first organization in Tajikistan working with children with   Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), provides access to quality services that address the unique needs of children and youth with ASD, trains  professionals and parents, facilitates a parent support group, and helps  children with ASD become enrolled in formal school.

            Young Disabled Sports Club (YDSC) | Adana, Turkey

            YDSC provides educational and sports programs for children with  disabilities, with a special focus on integrating disabled and nondisabled children in all its activities.

            Child Trafficking:

            Baan Nana | Mae Sai, Thailand

            Baan Nana provides shelter, education, nutrition and support to reduce the number of children living and working on the streets of Mae Sai, a crossing point and trafficking location on the border between Thailand and Burma.

            Center for Awareness Promotion (CAP) | Kathmandu, Nepal

            CAP rescues and rehabilitates girls and young women in the adult entertainment industry using mobile counseling, a shelter, and reintegration through education and training.

            Shalom Centre for Street Children | Arusha, Tanzania

            Founded in 2005 by a group of young people, Shalom Centre focuses on early childhood development, as well as rescue, rehabilitation, referral, and family reunification services for street-based youth who are abused, forced into commercial sex, or involved with child labor.

            Gentle Heart Foundation (GHF) | Kathmandu, Nepal

            The group provides education programs and psychosocial support to girls and young women from minority communities in Kathmandu, encouraging them and their parents to keep them in school.

            Roshni Research Development Welfare Organization | Karachi, Pakistan

            Roshni is a unique program in Pakistan that focuses on recovering missing children within 48 hours of their disappearance, facilitates their    rehabilitation and builds the capacity of communities and law enforcement  to better protect children.

            Yayasan Mitra ImaDei | Jakarta, Indonesia

            ImaDei’s child domestic worker program provides education, vocational and life skills training to girls who are domestic workers, vulnerable to abuse and      unprotected by labor regulations, increasing their ability to leave domestic work and expanding their future opportunities. 

2.  Adaptive Design Association:   $77,000

            “Establishment of an Adaptive Design Center in Lima Peru” | Lima, Peru             

              To establish an Adaptive Design Center in Lima, Peru that will train designers       and fabricators to create simple, practical and low-cost devices that greatly    improve the lives of disabled children, and replicate the center in other cities      in Peru and in neighboring countries.

            Three year grant ($33,700 in year 1; $22,700 in year 2and $20,600 in year 3; total of $77,000)

3.  Little Sisters Fund:   $25,000

            “Nepal High Risk Area Expansion” | Banke, Dang, Parsa, Makwanpur, Sindhaualchowk Districts, Nepal                   

            To support the expansion of Little Sisters Fund program of school tuition and supporting services for an additional 120 girls into 5 additional regions of Nepal where girls are particularly susceptible to trafficking, exploitation and child marriage.  

4.  Miraclefeet:   $50,000

             “Tanzania Clubfoot Network Bugando Care Program” | Lake, Northern and Southern Zones, Tanzania       

            To support the Tanzania Clubfoot Network: Bugando Care Program’s expansion of 12 existing and three new clubfoot care clinics providing the Ponseti treatment to an additional 600 children.  

5.  Trickle Up:  $35,000

             “Alliance for Rural Inclusion” | Lachua and Ixcan, Guatemala                   

            To create the Alliance for Rural Inclusion in Lachua and Ixcan, Guatemala, which will target and provide 100 very poor rural families that include a disabled child, with graduation-model livelihood training and seed capital to lessen dependence on subsistence agriculture, and also specific health, education and social services for the children. 

6.  One Heart Worldwide:   $20,000

            “Emergency Tent Purchases for Temporary Birthing Centers” | Dhading and Sindhupalchok, Nepal

            For long-standing maternal-health focused grantee to purchase 32 tents which will serve as hygienic birthing centers while birthing centers destroyed in the recent earthquakes are re-built.

7.  Polus Center:   $47,465

            “Syrian Child Trauma Services – Jordan” | Amman, Jordan                          

            To develop a counseling program specifically intended for the treatment of   Syrian Refugee children who have experienced extreme trauma and PTSD.

8.  Spirit of Soccer:   $50,000

            “Mine Risk Education Through Soccer for Iraqi and Syrian Refugee Children in Northern Iraq” | Refugee and IDP Camps near Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk,  Iraq             

            To create youth soccer programs at refugee and IDP camps in Northern Iraq that will utilize soccer as a tool in mine-risk education to teach children about the dangers of unexploded ordnance and also provide much needed recreation for both girls and boys.

9.  Handicapped International:   $40,000

             “Increasing the Safety and Security of Displaced Syrian Children” | Five Provinces in Syria and Northern Iraq     

            To provide a broad array of mine-risk education programs for children and families to spot, avoid and report weapons, mines and unexploded ordinance in five provinces of Syria and Northern Iraq.

10.  Mustard Seed:   $30,000

            “Developing Special Education Programs for Children Residents’ | Kingston, Jamaica                                                                         

            To create a music and art-focused therapeutic special education curriculum and program for Mustard Seed’s most severely disabled residents in their Jamaica, Dominic Republic, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe care centers. 

11.  Hope Hall:   $15,000

             “The Phil Chamberlain Memorial Arts and Music Program” | Rochester, NY      

            To support this long-standing grantee’s arts and music program which is a    centerpiece of their special education for at risk students from the great Rochester area.

12.  Boma Project:   $50,000

            “Assessing Child Level Impact of Women’s Economic Empowerment Program” | Marsabit and Samburu districts, Kenya

            To enhanced monitoring and evaluation capacity for long-standing grantee’s graduation-model poverty reduction program, and to broaden measured goals to include child-focused outcomes.  

13.  Freedom Fund:   $50,000

             “Central Nepal Hotspot” | Katmandu, Nepal   

            To support the coordinated work of 11 community based NGOs to prevent,  identify, rescue and rehabilitate girls trafficked into the adult entertainment industry in Katmandu, and to strengthen these key organizations and other parties to change social mores that lead to trafficking and also increase local   demands for stringent enforcement of existing laws against trafficking.

14.  Manos Unidas International:   $20,800

             “Inclusive Education Project for Children with Special Learning Needs in Cusco, Peru’ | Cusco, Peru                      

            To enable Manos Unidas to expand its efforts to provide inclusive education  for mildly disabled children in public schools in Cusco, to engage in  community outreach to dispel myths about disability and disabled children, to work with local universities to improve training for special education  teachers and assist government ministries implement laws that mandate inclusive education for disabled children.

Grants by Program Category:


            Global Fund for Children                                        $75,000

            Adaptive Design Association                                  33,700

            Miracle Feet                                                                      50,000

            Mustard Seed                                                                   30,000

            Manos Unidas                                                                  20,800



            Global Fund for Children                                       $75,000

            Little Sisters Fund                                                         25,000

            Freedom Fund                                                                50,000



            Polus Center                                                                $47,465

            Spirit of Soccer                                                              50,000

            Handicapped International                                   40,000


Sustainable Economic Communities:

            Boma Project                                                              $50,000

            Trickle Up (with disability focus)                       35,000



            One Heart Worldwide                                         $20,000

            Hope Hall                                                                       15,000


Total Grants Made in 2015:              $616,965

Total Commitments 2015:                 $660,265