Anti-Trafficking in West Africa

Girls Education and Trafficking Prevention in  Nepal

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Mine-Risk Education in Syria and Iraq

Inclusion for Disabled Children in Peru and Guatemala 

​​​Disabled Children

We fund programs throughout the world.   Here are photographs of some of the work we're currently funding (each group below can be viewed as a slide show; please select on photo for slide show):

For 40 years the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation has funded scores of organizations that provide sustenance, education, healthcare and hope to vulnerable children throughout the developing world and the United States.  

We focus on alleviating the suffering experienced by vulnerable children and, when possible, strive toward the elimination of its root causes.   Our partners may be large or small community based 501(c)(3) organizations, but all focus on serving the health, educational, protection and human rights needs of vulnerable children.  Almost all of the work we currently fund is located in the developing world. 

The Foundation focuses on supporting three groups of vulnerable children with particularly critical needs and also programs that enable entrepreneurs to build sustainable economic communities for their children and families.  We note the overlap and diversity of these populations and do, on occasion, support organizations whose work may be in allied or supporting areas.  

Our primary focus is on:  

          - trafficked and exploited children

          - children with disabilities

          - displaced and refugee children

          - programs that enable entrepreneurs to build sustainable economic communities for their families and which provide the bedrock for child heath, safety and development. 

In addition, many of the organizations supported by the Foundation focus on ensuring that children are safe and have access to education and care.  We aim to promote the dignity of all children and facilitate the child’s active and full participation in their community. 

The Foundation is small, our mission broad, and the needs of vulnerable children throughout the world immense.  Unfortunately, we are able to fund only a very small percentage of the good work that is being done for vulnerable children and are not able to review unsolicited proposals.  Please review the application guidelines page for further information. 

Ken Goody

​Foundation Executive 

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Trafficked Children 

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